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Since 1928


MON-SAT: 11am - 8:30pm
FRI: 11am - 9pm
SUN: 11am - 7pm

- Halibut Fish 'n Chips. Prepared from the Finest Alaskan Halibut!
- Cioppino.
- Clam Chowder.
- Sandwiches.

- Combo Orders.
- Salads
- Cole Slaw.
- Macaroni or Potato.


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Our award-winning menu has been carefully put together to bring you Superior Quality Seafood without the wait, and without a high price..

Simply place your order with us over the phone, or by fax, and we'll have it hot and ready for pick up when you arrive. If you would like to dine with us in our clean, nautical theme dining room, the wait is never more than a few minutes. Our food can also be arranged for office-parties and get togethers.

"Please sit down and follow us on this small tour of our restaurant..."
"People from all ages come to our Restaurant, something that truly satisfies us because 'our healthy food promotes health' at all ages!"
"The traditional Fish n' Chips is one of our signature dishes, already a tradition of many loyal clients..."
"Besides our traditional and loyaly sought after Fish n' chips, we offer a selection of freshly prepared seafood and salmon salads and sandwiches, prepared every morning from fresh fish and seafood"
"Our shrimp Salad is one of the favorites."
"Shrimp & Crab Salad. The addition of Dungeness Crab meat to the shrimp salad has proven to be a success..."
"Salmon Salad; Another of the favorite dishes, either to be eaten in our restaurant or to go..."
"Our food and service must contribute to smiles..."
"Our clientele ranges from groups, to families, teenagers and seniors... They often comment the almost perfection of our traditional dishes."
"Families and kids love our food and how the're treated by everyone at Cook's Seafood--that's one of our satisfactions."
"Groups of teenagers usually have a great time while enjoying our traditional Fish n' Chips and other dishes."
"How to enjoy a 'steaming' Fish n' Chips with some friends...?"
"We offer daily specials on a variety of fresh seafood"
"Our waitresses and all our staff truly care about what they do... and our customers recognize it... another of our deepest satisfactions!"
"Expert and happy cooks is one of our secrets..."
"Carefully cleaning and preparing every ingredient is another of our secrets..."