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Restaurant & Market
Since 1928

MON-SAT: 9am - 7pm
SUN: 10am - 5pm

Just some of the few selections
fresh from the sea

- Salmon
- Halibut
- Swordfish
- Mahi Mahi
- Ahi Tuna
- Sea Bass
- Petrale Sole
- Orange Roughy
- Sand Dabs
- Catfish
- Tilapia
- Trout
- Dungeness Crab
(Live or Cooked)
- Lobster
- Shrimp Meat
- Medium Prawns
- Jumbo Prawns
- Sea Scallops
- Bay Scallops
- Oysters
- Clams
- Mussels
- Calamari


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Cook's Seafood has consistently been voted "the best place to buy fresh fish" by peninsula readers: Your Satisfaction is very important to us.

Market Menu

"Please sit down and follow us on this small tour of our restaurant..."
"Our crabs are real fresh crabs, alive or cooked."
"We invite you to try the highest quality of fresh fish and seafood."
"We cut our salmon filets fresh everyday."
"Jumbo prawns are great on the grill!"
"Tuna, as all of our fish, is of the highest quality and guaranteed to be fresh."
"Local halibut fresh from Half Moon Bay."
"The freshest oysters, closed or opened on the half shell."
"A tour of our selection of fish and seafood, starting with shelfish... and even the indispensable lemons."
"Shrimps, smoked salmon, and our 'Hand-Picked' crab-meat, from recently cooked crab, every morning."
"Our Dungeness Crab is famous for being fresh and cooked every day, and you can get it alive too."
"Our Dungeness Crab is one of our decades-old traditions followed by loyal customers..."
"We have the freshest and cleanest professionally fileted fish, such as sole, snappers, sand dabs, and much more."
"We offer the finest tuna and Hallibut..."
"Salmon has always been one of our specialties... please ask us any question you may have."
"Fresh Halibut from Alaska and just caught local wild salmon... this is the highest quality you will find."
"Besides your fish and seafood, enjoy exploring our carefully selected sauces, spices, condiments and specialty tools that you may need..."